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Finned Tubular Elements

Finned heating tube element is warming-fast, with high thermal efficiency, long service-life and small size.Heating elements for air-conditioners
Generally heating elements for air-conditioners Lanco manufactures are fin type tubular heating elements. Fin type tubular heating elements are made by enwinding metal cooling fins on the surface of ordinary tubular heating elements, multiplying heat emission area and surface power load several times. With the same condition of power, fin type tubular heating elements have the advantages of quick heating, high heat efficiency, long service life, small heating device and low cost, which are widely used in fields of machinery manufacturing, automobiles, textiles, food industry, electric home appliances, and especially air-conditioner and air curtain industries.

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Finned Tubular Elements Details

Air Cond. Finned Tubular Elements

Lanco offers a finned tubular element (spin fin) design with Stainless Steel sheath and fin for high corrosive and humid conditions, or the standard brazed fin and cold rolled steel sheath based on customer's requirement. 

The finned tubular design provides an additional surface area on the heater to enhance the heat transfer in air heating applications.

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