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Electrical Kettle Elements

Electrial kettle elements has two type , one is Underfloor heating element for kettles( this is have Aluminium tubular element and stainless steel tubular elements two types) , the other is immersion tubular heating elements in water.
Heating elements for electric water heaters Lanco provides heating elements for water heaters of storage type,instant heating type and solar energy type. Heating elements for water heaters of storage type and solar energy type supp-
ort short-time electrifying in air. The Max surface load of heating elements for water heaters of instant heating can reach 35W/CM2. Based on different demands, customers can choose to use tubes of copper, stainless steel 316L , Incoloy 800/840/825 and Ti to meet requirements for water quality in different regions.

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Electrical Kettle Elements Details

 Electric Kettle Element

The electric kettle elements can be generally classified into two groups: immersion (element directly immersed in water) and external heat (element welded or brazed at a heater plate). 

Please refer to the "immersion heating elements" category for details of the immersion type. 

The external heat type can avoid direct contact between elements and water, therefore it prevents water impurities deposited on the element surface that can adversely affect the heater's efficiency and durability. Elements are simply welded at the plate installed at the kettle's bottom and manufactured based on customer's specification. Accessories such as thermo cut off or different safety controls can be implemented at the element to prevent over-heating. 

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