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Dishwasher Heating Element LAC-HE-DWTHE

Dishwasher Heating Element » LAC-HE-DWTHE

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Dishwasher Heating Element

Disher Washer Tubular Heating Elements or named Immersion Heaters are the most versatile and best suited solutions to a large number of applications. This is why they are found in major modern heating applications and are known for their superior qualities.

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Dishwasher Heating Element Details


Dishwasher heating element

Cubage type and runner type
Cubage type
•Sheath material:SUS316L,INCOLOY800
•Tube diameter: Φ6.5,Φ8,Φ11
•Heater shape and connection mode are tailor-made

Runner type
•Use SUS316Ti to be anti-corrosion
•Runner spec:32,40
•Inter-control thermostat and temperature protector



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